1. what is irongate recovery?

A safe environment for individuals searching for a drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

2. where is irongate recovery located?

Multiple locations in Knoxville, TN with access to bus lines, 12-step meetings, and various employment opportunities.

3. are any counseling services provided?

No. Any professional counseling, mental health services, or therapy needed by the participants must be sought at an outside location.

4. do i have to have Insurance to get in?

No. This is a self pay residence.

5. how long do i have to stay?

There is a minimum commitment of 6 months required to complete the program. There is currently no end date if the participant is adhering to the rules and regulations.

6. can i have my cell phone?

Cell phones and other electronics are permitted with restrictions.

7. do you administer medication?

No, however certain prescription medications are allowed with the exception of addictive or mood altering medications.

8. what is the age requirement?

18 or older.

9. how often are visits from family/friends?

Visiting hours from friends and family differ depending on program and location.

10. can i work and still live at irongate recovery?

Yes. We highly encourage our guests to be employed during the duration of their stay.

11. how long does it take to get in once a pre-entry form has been submitted?

If there is an open bed available, move in can be immediate.

12. how strict are the rules of irongate recovery?

We have rules that will assist the guests with structure. This is a program designed to teach guests personal responsibility and could be considered a fairly independent program. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE regarding the use of alcohol/drugs/theft and aggressive behaviors.

13. how much does it cost to get in?

There is a $400.00 admission fee (Non-Refundable), the weekly fees are $125.00 (Includes: bed, utilities, and WiFi)

14. what do i need to bring?

Irongate Recovery provides bedding and towels, everything else is the guest's responsibility.

15. is there a curfew?

All guests are treated on an individual basis and curfews vary based on circumstances.

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